About Us

This is a story about a girl and some tea.
This is also a story about a girl becoming a woman.
This is also the beginning of your love story with Call Me Sweetea.

In 2019, after months of failing to find work in post-divorce, post-stay-at-home-mom life, I (Dani) was encouraged by my partner (lovingly known as Mr. Sweetea) to take my enjoyment for tea and build it into a business. And by that, I mean he literally sat me down, bought me a domain name, and immediately took me to the herb shop afterwards. I’ve been running a tea shop ever since.

The owner of Call Me Sweetea and her partner, wearing shirts with the Call Me Sweetea logo on them.

While that’s a nice, short, cute story no business is built in a day. Call Me Sweetea originally crafted fandom blends - teas themed explicitly around different books and television, genres and specific stories. Which was a lot of fun! I loved connecting my love of books with my love of tea, marrying the two by bringing stories to life through flavors.

But that left me feeling boxed in. I found myself creating flavor profiles in my head just for flavor’s sake. Without a fandom to attach them to I felt lost, as if I was somehow failing because I couldn’t bring these ideas to life.

Which is, of course, absolute nonsense! If one path isn’t right for you, take a detour and find another path.

Tea poured onto a page that says "once upon a time"

In a freeing move, I decided to lean away from the fandom blends concept - an absolutely terrifying decision because I was so scared I’d lose customers! But I knew it would be the best move to keep me interested and invested in my business. Thus, now Call Me Sweetea blends teas for the sake of delightful flavors and enjoyment.

My struggle was in the productivity lies. The idea that anything and everything we do must make money, must push us toward being better people, must serve a purpose. I made fandom blends to allow my leisure time (reading) to actually be work time (researching and developing blend ideas). In creating fandom blends, everything I deeply enjoyed about books, movies, and pop culture became drudgery and work. That was never what I wanted.

I wanted my tea to encourage people to take some time for themselves. To start their day with some deep breathing, inhaling the scent of their fresh cuppa tea. To allow their minds to let go of all those stressful, nagging items on their to-do lists and let go for a moment while savoring the taste of the blend they’re sipping on. I wanted my teas to be enjoyed in whatever way suits the drinker - whether that’s with a fancy tea ceremony or simply microwaving some water and dunking their tea strainer afterwards. I wanted anyone interested in tea to feel welcome to peruse my blends, especially when it can be overwhelming and intimidating to go through tea shops that focus on knowing the precise details of their tea leaves. That’s great and all, but when the average person just wants something yummy to replace their coffee or something soothing to help them sleep, those details are often more than necessary.

Call Me Sweetea tea blends are about taking a moment for yourself to enjoy. Our teas are crafted with flavor in mind: tantalizing your senses with curious, unique flavor combinations and comforting your soul with beloved, classic blends. Whether you’re looking for a sip full of nostalgia or a cup full of novelty, you’re bound to become part of the Sweeteas Club when you indulge in one of our blends. (Though it wouldn’t surprise me if you indulge in more than a few Sweetea blends!)

Loose leaf tea with rose petals being held by two hands