Terms of Service

Here at Call Me Sweetea, we believe in treating people the way we'd like to be treated. You can expect the following from us:

  • We will never sell your information to anyone. Period. 
  • We will treat you with respect. Period. 
  • That said, we do reserve the right to not do business with whomever we choose (this is only if absolutely necessary. Be a reasonable human being and we should be just fine). 
  • We cannot accept returns due to food safety concerns, however we strive to make things right if something goes wrong with your order. 
  • All recipes, images, descriptions, and posts on this website belong solely to Call Me Sweetea. Using any of our images, recipes, descriptions, or posts as if they're your own is stealing and we will uphold our rights should you violate them. Don't be a thief. (Exceptions such as customer photos shared for the purpose of reviews/social media advertising do occur and we will properly credit those instances. Using our customer submitted images and posts is also stealing. Just don't do it.)