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Call Me Sweetea

Death's Morning Cuppa

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A solid, everyday earl grey with bright citrus and lightly spiced.

Tastes like: 
bright bergamot and orange, with cinnamon grounding the blend

 What do you think Death likes to drink before gathering folks for the journey to the other side? My guess is that Death enjoys a strong cup of earl grey with a twist

Ingredients: earl grey (organic black tea, natural bergamot flavoring), orange peel, cassia chips, cornflowers, orange extract 

1 oz bags contain 12-15 single servings. 2 ounce bags contain 30-33 servings.

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A citrus infused earl grey with light, spicy cinnamon.

Customer Reviews

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Death has good taste

I've tried a good few of the teas from Call Me Sweatea, and so far this one is probably my favorite. It has a very balanced flavor that isn't too strong or weak. This one is nice to drink when you want to feel grounded and collected, with a small boost in energy, and warmth in your stomach.


Love everything

Keisha Shippy
This is the tea that made me fall in love with Call Me Sweetea

I've tried many of Dani's teas over the years - but Death's Morning Cuppa is the one I keep coming back to over and over. It was the tea that originally converted me to loose leaf tea, and I'm never looking back. It's impossible to get tired of the well-balanced floral and citrus flavors, no matter how many mornings I've had it by now.


This is one of my favorite spins on Earl Grey that I've ever tried! The cinnamon really rounds it out