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Call Me Sweetea

Moonbeams & Cream

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Smooth and creamy blueberry earl grey

Tastes like:
 bright bergamot and juicy blueberry with cream to tone them down into a smooth sip

 casting spells during the full moon and self-care rituals

Ingredients: Earl Grey (organic China black and organic assam tea, organic bergamot oil), blueberries, cornflowers, chamomile, natural blueberry flavoring, creme flavoring 

1 ounce bag contains ~12 servings.

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Moonbeams & Cream is a creme earl grey with blueberries to help you blast into the next galaxy

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Natalie C.
New fave Earl Grey!

This is a wonderful blend! It’s not one of those bergamot blends that punches you in the face. You can definitely taste it, but it’s elegant. Sophisticated. I only wish there was a bit more blueberry to the flavor (at least from when I first steeped it).

Keisha Shippy
Such an enjoyable tea & smells great

Earl grey tea is one of my favorites, I'm pretty sure I've tried every option from Call My Sweetea - and Moonbeams and Cream is such a nice blend, I really enjoy this one!

I really dislike the instant oatmeal blueberries and cream packets, but this isn't anything like that - it has nice fruity and creamy flavors without being plastic-y or too sweet like the instant oatmeal I always associate with blueberry flavoring. Like everything Dani makes, this is well balanced to drink on its own (my preference) or with a little extra sugar and milk (my husband's preference).