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Call Me Sweetea

Phoenix Song

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A roasted black and green tea chai blend to help you soar through your day.

Tastes like:
spicy chai vibes with a roasted twist and light citrus notes

Inspired by the Phoenix Rising cookie booth at Oregon Country Fair, Phoenix Song is a smoky, rich tea reminiscent of the resurrection of this majestic creature. Let the tea leaves speak wisdom to you as you sip in the morning. Open yourself up to the resurrections you have in store in your own life and overcoming obstacles triumphantly!

Ingredients: houjicha, ceylon, cassia chips, hibiscus, ginger, cloves, safflower, orange peel, pink peppercorn, orange extract

1 ounce bags contain 12-15 servings.

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Phoenix Song is a black and smoked green tea with spices in honor of my booth at Oregon Country Fair.

Customer Reviews

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Keisha Shippy
Deliciously Smoky

Black tea has always been my favorite type, and this black/green blend is a really refreshing change of pace. It combines all my favorite smoky deep flavors with the brighter flavor in a way that's perfect any time of day.