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Call Me Sweetea

Vexing Viscount

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A truly vexing chai that warms your heart...and other body parts.

Tastes like: 
warming spices with a slightly noticeable heat

 simplistic but playfully delights while seriously satisfying, a slow burning romance in tea form

Ingredients: assam, cassia chips, cloves, cardamom, red pepper flakes, pink peppercorn

1 ounce bag contain ~12-15 servings, based on 1 tsp serving size.

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A chai to turn to when your current heartthrob vexs your mind and soul.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect blend of sweet and comforting with a slight kick

Dani has blown me away. I never thought a tea could completely make me fall in love like Yum Cookies until now. This spicy sweet chai is my new go-to tea, and I’m going to need to request Dani make 1lb bags for me! At first sip, it tastes like the most flavorful chai you’ve ever tasted and when you swallow, your tastebuds are chased by the most delightful, gentle spice that warms you through and through!

Keisha Shippy
So warm and comforting!

I absolutely love chai tea, before I found Call Me Sweetea it was really all I drank (or mint tea when sick). So I was really looking forward to this one - and it's truly wonderful. The red pepper flakes didn't make it noticeably spicy to me, just nicely warm when combined with the cinnamon. I did find cinnamon to be the most dominant spice flavor in this blend, which is great because it's my favorite.

I drank this the first few times on warm days and enjoyed it, but cannot wait for a chilly day to let it really shine.