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Call Me Sweetea

Yum Cookies

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A black tea blend with surprising cookie flavor!

Tastes like: 
snickerdoodles or oatmeal cookies (the debate between Yum Cookies lovers is fierce!)

opening the door to grandma's house and immediately inhaling the cozy, sweet scent of cookies made from scratch, fresh out of the oven. 

Ingredients: Kumaon black,  ceylon, cacao nibs, cinnamon chips, cassia chips, cacao shells, cinnamon extract, natural caramel flavoring, cocoa extract

1 oz bags contain ~12-15 servings. 2 oz bags contain ~27 servings

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Yum Cookies is a black tea that tastes like cookies!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Natalie C.
Yummy for sure!

Dani absolutely nails her dessert teas, and this one is no exception! I’m in the camp that says it tastes like warm oatmeal cookies! Perfect for any time but especially on a rainy reading days.

Yum in your tum

I'd never tried a tea with cacao before, and it works better than I would've thought. It boasts a nice sweet flavor that's reminiscent of oatmeal cookies. I recommend using a little extra in your tea ball for the stronger flavor.

Keisha Shippy

Dani's ability to make dessert tea is amazing - this tea really does smell like, and taste like, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! Which happen to be one of my very favorite cookies (along with snickerdoodles, but I don't get that flavor here).

This tea is on the sweeter end for me so I save it for afternoon treats, but my husband has a much stronger sweet tooth than I do and enjoys this one first thing in the morning.

Cari Seward
Love this tea!

Tastes like cookies, the kind that doesn't fit a category yet it is absolutely, quintessentially nostalgic! I always recommend this tea first.